2018  New  Years’  Resolutions


As we have just welcomed the start of 2018, many of us have probably already considered a handful of New Years’ resolutions we are going to work on for the next 12 months (perhaps longer if they are good)!  Just today I came across a list of what someone had deemed to be the “Top 10 New Years’ Resolutions for 2017.”  I’m not sure these are in any particular order, but here is the list:


10. Stick to a budget

9. Get a better job

8. Be more organized

7. Quit smoking

6. Take a trip

5. Buy a house or move

4. Spend more time with family

3. Lose weight

2. Pay down debt

1. Get in better shape


Now, I think there is merit to all of these goals, and all of them have potential to lead to a better life for ourselves! But from the list above, I see only one goal that is likely to positively change our lives and the lives of others in a very noticeable way.  The most profound goal above is #4… “Spend more time with family.” It really does have potential to change our lives and other’s lives for the better.  Now… what if we rewrite this “Top 10 Resolutions for 2018” list and focus on things that can help improve the lives of others, as well as our own?  Let’s start this list with #4 from the above list:


10. Spend more time with family

9. Say something nice or compliment someone every day

8. Smile at others more each day

7. Don’t talk badly about others or help spread rumors

6. Stay humble and kind as we interact with others each day

5. Engage in daily acts of kindness, without expecting something in return

4. Mentor a young person in need of guidance

3. Give more to the needy – in time, talent or treasure

2. Pray more for others in need of prayer

1. Thank God every day for our countless gifts and live our lives with a sense of gratitude


The interesting thing about this second list is that #3 is the only resolution that requires money or resources, as we are more generous to those in need. The other nine resolutions are things we can all do if we set our minds to it… and they don’t cost a penny! Imagine how the world would be a different place if more people resolved themselves to these resolutions for 2018!!  Let’s all make an honest effort to carry out at least one of these goals every day of this new year. We truly can make a difference in the world around us. May God bless us all in 2018.


Lord, in 2018 help me to resolve myself to making a difference in the lives of others each day. Amen.


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